“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nikaya for over 2 years. Nikaya is compassionate, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. It’s hard to capture all of the ways in which Nikaya has positively impacted my life. Through her guidance, instruction, and support, she has inspired me to embark on a personal journey to better my mind, body and spirit. After my time with Nikaya, I feel energized, rejuvenated and whole! She has played such a key role in my personal transformation and healing process. From her transformative massages to her guidance on healthy, clean eating, she has hard-wired my body to work more efficiently, absent of processed foods, chemicals and additives. In my continued quest for “wellness,” Nikaya has been by my side as a positive, spiritual partner. I thank her from the bottom of my heart!  Nikaya is my personal angel!”

 / Patty Hernandez /

“I have been a client of Nikaya’s for over a year now. Within that time I have seen and felt amazing changes! I have gone from high levels of physical pain to minimal pain. Her knowledge and wisdom has supported me through difficult ups and downs both on a physical and spiritual/emotional level. She is highly sensitive to my needs and is extremely attentive and caring in her approach to treatment. She has an amazing capacity to listen without judgement, and her attention to detail is refreshing. As I move forward in this exciting journey, I feel completely supported and confident in Nikaya’s abilities to guide me on my path to overall wellness.”

 / Diana Goldman /

“Nikaya has been an amazing coach and guide on my journey to well-being and better health. She has an incredible understanding of health and nutrition as well as the body, mind, and spirit. She combines her knowledge with her intuition, which helped guide me on the path I wanted to take toward my healing. Her compassion and lack of judgement, coupled with her support and ability to meet you wherever you are on your journey, is truly a gift.

I’ve been diagnosed with everything from bipolar disorder to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and five years ago, while I was overseas, I had a closed head injury and infection. I was tired of being labeled and passed around to different doctors who just wanted to treat each individual symptom instead of finding the underlying root cause of my issues. Nikaya helped me find the right elimination diet and coached me through, one step at a time, over the course of the last six months. She recommended amazing nutritional support products and recipes to help with my detoxification process.

I never felt alone. I always felt supported and guided. I could not have done this without her! I am forever grateful for all her wisdom, emotional support, knowledge, and counseling on this journey. Today, I feel amazing, and I am a different person than I was even a month ago. Thank you, Nikaya, for helping me along my path toward reclaiming my health on every level.”

/ Alisa Geyer /

“Nikaya has worked on me since 2008 and has always paid close attention to where the source of my trauma was. Knowing that I would receive the exact care I needed, depending on my particular reasoning for seeing her on any given day, has kept me a loyal client of Nikaya’s for 7 years. For, whether I was suffering from physical pain, mental exhaustion, emotional burden or simply needed healing touch, she intuitively knew where to focus her energy and patiently worked through my requests. I consistently re-enter the world after Nikaya’s treatments feeling both energized and relaxed.

Nikaya’s sanctuary is a soothing and calm environment where I can leave behind all my pain and the cares of the world due not only to her skilled holistic practice of incorporating various modalities tailored specifically for me, but because of her patient, genuine spirit. Nikaya is a true healer whose concern for all is demonstrated through her holistic approach, and who works from a deep heart level. She sincerely cares about all of her client’s overall well-being.”

/ Santiago Becerra /